Reframing Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day can bring up complicated feelings for many people. Who we are remembering and why we are remembering them is different for every person. "Reframing Remembrance Day" is a thoughtful article that may cause you to stop and consider your own relationship to Remembrance Day and lead you to some interesting conversations with others. … Continue reading Reframing Remembrance Day

Strathcona Food Bank Drive: Sept 25 2021

The Strathcona Food Bank is doing their annual Food Drive again this Saturday (Sept 25)Bags will be distributed to almost all the homes in Sherwood Park (sorry not apartments) over the next 4 days. Donations of food are to be left out on doorsteps or other locations, easily visible from the street. Volunteers will start … Continue reading Strathcona Food Bank Drive: Sept 25 2021

In this community we stand up for each other. Recent events, such as the murder of the Muslim family in London Ontario and the discovery of 215 children’s bodies at a former residential school in Kamloops BC, remind us of the daily challenges faced by people in these communities. The past few weeks have been … Continue reading